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The MP Sales Consulting team would like to thank you for your active participation in our customer satisfaction survey for the year 2021.Your feedback helps us to maintain our high quality standards and to respond even more intensively to your individual wishes.

"For us, satisfied customers are the measure of our work," says Marcel Petzold, business owner of MP Sales Consulting. "At MP Sales Consulting, we live an open feedback culture and that's exactly what we want from our customers. This gives us the chance to identify gaps in consulting and service, and we can then fill them in a targeted manner. We received a lot of constructive feedback in this year's survey - we're enormously grateful for that."

100% of the participants would hire us again. We have thus succeeded in meeting the demands of our customers and our own expectations of the quality of our work. In particular, the overall customer satisfaction has impressed us very much and encourages us for the future.


Top score in consulting quality

When it comes to the quality of consulting, MP Sales Consulting receives the best feedback and ratings. The evaluation with a school grade of 1.1 shows the enormous approval of our customers for our consulting services. We were also rated very positively for our responsiveness to the needs and requirements of our customers (average grade 1.2) and for our demand-oriented consulting services (average grade 1.3).


Score with competence

When asked "What terms would you use to describe us and our services?" we received consistently positive feedback such as:

  • High technical competence
  • High social competence
  • very good consulting services
  • analytical and structured way of working
  • reliable
  • good price-performance ratio

Our surveyed customers are "very satisfied" with our competence and way of working. "I am extremely pleased about this, as we place very special emphasis on understanding our customers and their business in the best possible way. This is the only way we can live up to our claim of providing the best consulting services and offer our customers invaluable added value," Marcel Petzold summarizes.


Recommendation and re-commissioning

For the question "How satisfied are you with MP Sales Consulting overall?" we achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 100. We also achieved the same result (NPS 100) for the question "How likely is it that you would recommend MP Sales Consulting to other companies, friends or colleagues?". The feedback on the willingness to re-engage is also at the highest level with a score of 1.2.

Of course, we also took a close look at the feedback in order not only to maintain satisfaction in 2022, but also to be able to increase it. We were particularly pleased and exhilarated by the comment "Questions were always answered with a donkey's patience and the customer had a good feeling." We are working to ensure that we receive lots of great feedback and suggestions for improvement again in the coming year, and that we can provide you with a high level of customer satisfaction.


About MP Sales Consulting

MP Sales Consulting is a specialized management consultancy for Sales Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

We advise you on all issues relating to the alignment and optimization of your sales management. This includes both strategic and conceptual consulting as well as the sustainable implementation of processes in the organization, its employees and digitalization with corresponding Platformen (CRM consulting).

Our focus is on the digital transformation in sales, marketing and Customer Service and sustainable growth in your business.

Benefit also in the new year from our consulting services for Sales Management and CRM.

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