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Sales channel | CRM consulting

The sales channel, also known as the distribution channel, is the path that a product or service takes from the manufacturer to the end consumer. There are direct and indirect sales channels. In the direct sales channel, the manufacturer or service provider deals directly with the end customer. The indirect sales channel runs through at least one other partner (e.g. wholesaler, retailer).

After Sales Management | CRM Consulting

In the after-sales phase ((German: Verkaufsfolgemanagement), the customer has already bought and makes first experiences with the product or service. After sales management comprises all the measures that a company can take after a sale has been completed in order to retain the customer in the long term.

Agile project management | CRM consulting

Agile project management describes a flexible and dynamic approach to projects. The focus is on the joint development of small sub-goals, which are implemented iteratively, i.e. one after the other within a short period of time, in order to achieve the overall result. By obtaining feedback from the stakeholders after each short section, it is possible to react quickly to changing requirements.

Application scenario | CRM consulting

The application scenario or use case (e.g. buying coffee at a coffee vending machine) describes all steps of interaction between a consumer or user with a system (e.g. inserting money, selecting product) and all externally perceivable reactions of the system (e.g. requesting more coins to be inserted, ejecting a coffee cup, making the coffee, etc.). The result of the use case can be [...]

Best Practices | CRM Consulting

A best practice refers to a proven approach, practice, or method for performing a repetitive activity or undertaking in the most optimal manner.

Existing customer care | CRM consulting

By definition, existing customers are those who have made at least two purchases from the same supplier. As a rule, their status is preceded by targeted processing on the part of the company, which turns interested parties into new customers and ultimately - in the best case - into loyal existing customers. Existing customer care refers to the targeted and sustained support of these customers in order to keep them as [...]

Change Management

Change management or change management describes all measures on the path of implementation from an initial state to a target state, which bring about a comprehensive and lived change in companies.

Channel Management

Channel management refers to the coordination and management of all sales channels that a company uses to reach its customers.


A chatbot is a text-based dialog system that allows chatting with a technical system. It has one area for text input and one for text output, which can be used to communicate with the system in natural language.