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Do you want to optimize or expand your existing CRM solution or even introduce a new CRM solution? And one of the following statements applies to you?


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Then you should definitely find out about our CRM consulting. In particular, what you can expect from us and how we will guide you to your new CRM in 6 steps.

This is what you can expect from us:

CRM consulting: 6 steps to your new CRM

As highly experienced and practice-oriented experts in CRM consulting, we help you get into the "driver seat" and keep the wheel in your hand. Your primary, long-term goal is to increase sales and improve customer retention - we pave the way for you to get there!

Business and process analysis

We listen to you carefully and ask many questions. You know your business best, we want to get to know and understand you. We identify all relevant information to your business model, the processes, the organizational structure as well as your goals and illustrate this in a picture of your current situation. First optimization potentials are supported by our CRM Consulting identified.

CRM vision and strategy

Together we develop your Company-specific and forward-looking CRM vision and CRM strategy.

We document each of these in a diagram. This diagram serves as a cornerstone and guard rail for the rest of the project.

Requirements engineering

We work with you to develop your specific requirements, wishes and ideas for the future CRM solution.

A complete GAP analysis to the current situation is an elementary component and shows you directly potential Quick-Wins that you can implement immediately.

Draw target image

Based on the information recorded up to this point, CRM vision & CRM strategy, your functional and non-functional requirements, we create your individual CRM target screen.

At this time, we outline with you the optimal project approach and next steps in the project.

CRM system and provider selection

An important milestone for implementation are the Selection of the appropriate CRM system as well as the implementation partner. We provide you with a detailed market analysis and an overview of potential CRM platforms.

With our CRM consulting we perform the structured CRM system / provider selection including product assessment, which will help you to the optimal result supplies.

Implementation and rollout

During the implementation of your future CRM solution and the rollout to the users, we support you in different areas:

  • Ensure end-to-end quality management with our CRM consulting.
  • As CRM project managers, we lead the implementation project on time and on budget to the desired result.
  • We set up the necessary change management for you.
  • If desired, we can fully take over the implementation of your CRM solution.

Do you have further questions about our CRM consulting?

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