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MP Sales Consulting moved into new business premises in Berlin on 01.02.2022. At the new location, in the crossmedia center in Berlin-Adlershof, we can be found in modern furnished offices under a new business address.

New business address - MP Sales Consulting

The immediate neighborhood includes many research, service and technology companies.
In addition, the local universities and universities of applied sciences here maintain a number of major
This fortunate circumstance gives us immediate access to potential, future
Junior consultants.

The new business address of MP Sales Consulting is accessible by public transport (S-Bahn,
streetcar, bus) from the entire Berlin city area. In addition, the location has
and we are "only a stone's throw" away from the city center.
BER Airport away.

Postal and visiting address

MP Sales Consulting
Franz-Ehrlich-Strasse 12
12489 Berlin

Tel.: +49 (0)30 629 326 92

About MP Sales Consulting

MP Sales Consulting is a specialized management consultancy for Sales Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

We advise you on all issues relating to the alignment and optimization of your sales management. This includes both strategic and conceptual consulting as well as the sustainable implementation of processes in the organization, its employees and digitalization with corresponding Platformen (CRM consulting).

Our focus is on the digital transformation in sales, marketing and Customer Service and sustainable growth in your business.

Benefit also in the new year from our consulting services for Sales Management and CRM.

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