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The 5 biggest mistakes when evaluating a CRM-solution should be avoided at all costs.

The Search for a CRM solution is an important decision that can affect the growth and efficiency of a business. The right solution can help you manage your customer data, increase your sales and optimize your processes. The wrong solution, on the other hand, can cost you a lot of time, money and effort and hinder the growth of your business.

So what mistakes should you avoid when looking for a CRM solution?

Error 1: The Lack of CRM strategy

Before we start choosing a CRM solution, it is advisable - indeed essential - to find a suitable CRM strategy to develop. After all, you also prefer to build your house on a stable and waterproof foundation, right?

The development of a CRM strategy is a complex and time-consuming process that begins with the definition of the company's goals and environment. The next step is to determine which measures are necessary to achieve the defined goals.

Mistake 2 of the 5 biggest mistakes when evaluating a CRM solution: Incomplete or even missing ACTUAL analysis

The search for a CRM solution is not an easy task. You must first perform a detailed ACTUAL analysis before you can find the right solution. However, the ACTUAL analysis does not only concern the current system landscape, but rather the marketing, sales and customer service processes. These processes must be recorded and documented in detail in order to perform an effective and efficient requirements analysis.

This is the only way to ensure effective and efficient requirements management and improvement of these processes. The ACTUAL analysis also serves to measure success at a later date.

Mistake 3 of the 5 biggest mistakes when evaluating a CRM solution: no strategic requirements management

For the selection of a CRM solution, technical requirements (functionalities) are quickly collected, sometimes to a greater or lesser extent, and used as a basis for evaluation.

In this context, requirements management, as well as the ACTUAL analysis, are continuous processes. The world continues to turn, just as requirements grow with it or sometimes change completely.

It is therefore extremely important to establish strategic requirements management even before the evaluation phase and to continue it throughout the course of the project. This requires a requirements or demand manager as well as a process for the collection, documentation, evaluation and approval of requirements.

Error 4: Lack of Management Attention

Mistake 4 of the 5 biggest mistakes concerns the lack of management attention to CRM evaluation.

If you as a company are planning a CRM implementation, it is essential that the management team actively accompanies the CRM evaluation. Many companies make the mistake of leaving the evaluation solely to the sales team or the IT department. But the decision for a CRM system is a strategic decision that affects the entire company. For this reason, the management team must actively shape and accompany the evaluation.

Mistake 5 of the 5 biggest mistakes when evaluating a CRM solution: Vendor dependency in CRM selection.

The Choosing the right CRM system is complex and time-consuming. It is an investment in the future of your company and must be carefully planned.

When looking for a CRM solution, there is one mistake that companies make time and time again: vendor lock-in. Many companies believe that the solution they need must come from a specific vendor. They think that there is only one way to solve their problem and that this way leads to a certain product.

But that's not true. There are many different CRM solutions on the market and none of them is perfect. Each solution has its own strengths and weaknesses. That's why it's so important not to settle on one vendor, but to compare the different solutions and choose the one that best suits your business and needs.


At the Search for a CRM solution errors are always pre-programmed. Through our many years of experience in CRM Consulting we know the 5 most common mistakes as well as many other stumbling blocks that arise when evaluating a CRM solution. If you want to avoid these mistakes and avoid the other stumbling blocks, you should contact us now. We help you find the right CRM solution for your business. Manufacturer-neutral and -overlapping!

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