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With a customer relationship management (CRM), the digitization and automation of sales processes is undertaken where it is possible and makes sense. Companies can gain a decisive competitive advantage as a result.

This is about much more than "just" storing and making available the contact data of customers and suppliers in a central location.

Rather, CRM - Customer Relationship Management is about establishing customer management within the company and creating the basis for being one step ahead of the competition. In addition to contact data, this essentially includes the following information:

  • Company information
  • Contact person (incl. role, function, position in the Stakeholdermatrix)
  • Touch points (touch points in marketing, sales, service, etc.)
  • All activities (phone calls, e-mails, letters, visit reports, documents) to track customer interaction and business development
  • Customer challenges in their business and how we can help them with them
  • Customer satisfaction
  • etc.

The list can be extended at will to include topics that are important for the development of the respective customer relationship and help us to better understand the customer and support him in his challenges with our portfolio and services.

This means that a large number of sales processes, particularly in business initiation and development, can be optimally digitized and also automated. An example of this is an automated service offer tailored to the needs of the customer as part of a marketing campaign or the after-sales process.

In order to exploit the full potential of the possibilities, a simple CRM selection and -Implementation is not enough. Rather, in the run-up to a CRM selection and implementation, starting with the CRM VisionIn this way, ideas and strategies can be developed with the help of which a CRM project can optimally support the corporate strategy and goals and close customer relationships - and thus enable positive sales developments - can be established.

Here it helps to consult an external expert with relevant experience and a lack of operational blindness.

Benefit from our CRM Consultingto evaluate the CRM solution that is right for your business.

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