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In a CRM strategyworkshop with you, we address your needs and advise as a neutral party on the ideal selection, because many companies are currently facing the challenges of digitizing and automating sales. Often it is difficult for you to find the right solution in today's CRM system However, it is difficult to select a suitable one.

Digitalization and automation in sales

For some time now, many companies have been working intensively on the digitization of business processes. The aim is to make processes leaner, faster, cheaper and as error-free as possible, to adapt flexibly to changing market conditions and to open up new markets and sales channels. In this context, the digitization of sales is increasingly coming into focus. The expansion of sales departments can only meet the increasingly rising sales and profit expectations to a limited extent, which is why new opportunities and ways must be found to meet the expectations for customer acquisition and sales development.

No uniform standard for CRM

The market for CRM-The range of CRM systems is now very large and confusing. There is no uniform standard that specifies how a CRM system should be designed and which functions it should map. This inevitably leads to the fact that a suitable solution is difficult to identify and so-called CRM navigators, i.e. consultants specialized in CRM systems, are increasingly being commissioned by companies to support them in their search for the optimal system. It is very important that the CRM consultant provides neutral and vendor-independent advice in order to achieve the best possible result for the company.

Our offer

MP Sales Consulting supports you in the development of your digitalization strategy for sales. This includes both the CRM strategy, selection of the suitable Platform as well as accompaniment of the Implementation and further development. As a first step, we offer a neutral and vendor-independent CRM strategy workshop. The aim of this workshop is to bring all participants to a fundamentally equal level of knowledge and thus enable them to understand and classify the most important approaches to customer relationship management (CRM).

In our CRM strategy workshop, the most important information, approaches, modules and functions of CRM are taught.

For example, the key questions are:

  • What goals is the company pursuing with the introduction of CRM? What is to be achieved?
  • How is CRM successfully introduced in the company?
  • What are the possibilities of CRM selection exist today?
  • How does the team assess the current situation itself? What are currently the biggest hurdles/obstacles/challenges that stand in the way of introducing a CRM?
  • What needs to change to support/enable CRM implementation?
  • What are the additional consequences for the overall organization, documentation requirements, etc.?

Parallel to the respective topics and discussions, the most important findings (e.g. measures, opportunities/risks, Stakeholder, procedures, etc.) are collected so that a consolidated view of the next necessary steps can be created at the end of the day.

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