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Salesforce is one of the market leaders in the field of customer relationship management (CRM) and impresses with its high level of functionality, modularity and user-friendliness.Functionality, modularity and ease of use.

In addition, the system can be adapted to the individual needs of the company.

Official description of the manufacturer

"Discover Customer 360, the world's leading CRMPlatform. Bring together sales, service, marketing, online and offline commerce, IT and analytics to connect with your customers in smarter ways.

Times have changed: Customers today expect much more from your company. Customer 360 gives all your teams a common, centralized view of each customer. So your employees can better meet those customer expectations. For faster deals, marketing campaigns that hit the mark, and service that keeps customers loyal. And for a business that grows.

Customer 360 is the leading platform for the Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Customer 360 includes multiple award-winning applications for every stage of the Customer Journey - From Lead all the way to the loyalty program. Each application can be purchased individually, but the more applications you add, the greater your benefits. Add to that integrating all your data and leveraging analytics, and Customer 360 delivers its full impact." (Copyright Salesforce)

- Highly scalable
- pure cloud solution
- Connection to social media
- Data is encrypted in the cloud
- ISO certified interfaces, for the connection of numerous systems
- Modules for:
- Sales Cloud
- Service Cloud
- Marketing Cloud
- Commerce Cloud
- Platform
- Analytics
- Online learning platform

Server location
Germany, Frankfurt/Main (T-Systems); backup in France, Paris

Recommended use
The manufacturer offers its platform for startups/small businesses and medium-sized companies. The solution can also be used for larger companies.

Pricing is monthly, depending on the module used, the number of clients or users.
Not included are the consulting services, Implementation, adjustments and datamigrationen.

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