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Well, first and foremost, the will and the opportunity to set up a digital project and execute it in a goal-oriented manner.

And in the second step, a very good project team and, of course, experienced consulting for support if needed.

A few months ago, the Alfred Landecker Foundation the MP Sales Consulting GmbH with a CRM Consulting (from the Portfolio Digital Consulting & CRM) for the evaluation of a new digital foundation solution. And yes, this is indeed a CRM-solution that was sought and also found.

If you want to read the whole story, you are invited to follow the link below: Success Story Alfred Landecker Foundation.

At this point, I would like to express my special thanks to the entire Alfred Landecker Foundation towards. Not only does the foundation make a really great contribution to more #Democracy and against hatred, discrimination, anti-Semitism and much more, but also for the trust of the management and employees in the Consulting services the MP Sales Consulting GmbH

A really great project, with a new digital foundation solution as the end result. And we are immensely pleased that, compared to the initial cost estimates (before our CRM selectionproject) have been able to realize a significant saving. This cost saving directly benefits the projects of the Alfred Landecker Foundation benefit, which is very welcome!

The task now is to implement the new digital foundation solution and to Digitization of the foundation processes.

On the further cooperation with the Alfred Landecker Foundation we are very pleased!

If you are facing the challenge of finding and evaluating a CRM implementation partner, contact us now!

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